Tuesday, June 9, 2009

GQ Tacos

Since Geoffrey starting working in marketing 3 years ago, our magazine subscriptions have quadrupled. The Kershaw household gets more magazines than you could possibly read in a month and unfortunately none of them are crafting or gossip magazines - my favorites! However, every once in a while, the entire family benefits from our overstuffed mailbox. This past Saturday night is a great example of such a benefit. Geoffrey treated me to a delicious home cooked meal as suggested by our chic friends at Gentleman's Quarterly magazine. This recipe has been altered from the original, but I'm sure I will always affectionately call this meal the "GQ Tacos".
The meal was such a delight that I felt it deserved it's very own scrapbook page. I used the Gooseberry Patch 'Preserving Memories' Recipe Scrapbooking Kit (#603) to create this page. I love the bright green and white check paper and the farmers market theme are so cute for summer recipes. The Vegetable Paper Clips (#741) added the perfect finishing touches to the page.

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