Monday, June 22, 2009

Nana's Ninetieth!

Geoffrey and I are sad that we are not able to attend our Nana Kershaw's Ninetieth birthday party at the end of the week. I wanted to make a really special card for her big day. I love the Chocolate Celebrations collection for birthdays. The recipe scrapbooking kit has great paper, stickers and cardstock shapes for cards, tags, and even wrapping gifts!

To create this card, I started with a basic pink cardstock and trimmed it to 7" x 12". With the longer side positioned vertically, fold the cardstock two times, creating 3 horizantal panels. I embellished the inside panels using the cake and cupcake journaling shapes, pink photo corners, and pink tonal striped paper from the recipe scrapbooking kit. Add pictures and notes as desired. When the inside of the card is complete, simply fold and tie with ribbon. Adorn with cake appetizing accent. And viola! Beautiful and special birthday card for your loved one.

*Note - Appetizing accents are stickers - grab a scrap of paper to create a backing for the sticker so that the card can be opened over and over. Then attach top left corner of the sticker with a small amount of glue directly on the ribbon.

Chocolate Celebrations Recipe Scrapbooking Kit - #806
Chocolate Celebrations Appetizing Accents - # 826

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

GQ Tacos

Since Geoffrey starting working in marketing 3 years ago, our magazine subscriptions have quadrupled. The Kershaw household gets more magazines than you could possibly read in a month and unfortunately none of them are crafting or gossip magazines - my favorites! However, every once in a while, the entire family benefits from our overstuffed mailbox. This past Saturday night is a great example of such a benefit. Geoffrey treated me to a delicious home cooked meal as suggested by our chic friends at Gentleman's Quarterly magazine. This recipe has been altered from the original, but I'm sure I will always affectionately call this meal the "GQ Tacos".
The meal was such a delight that I felt it deserved it's very own scrapbook page. I used the Gooseberry Patch 'Preserving Memories' Recipe Scrapbooking Kit (#603) to create this page. I love the bright green and white check paper and the farmers market theme are so cute for summer recipes. The Vegetable Paper Clips (#741) added the perfect finishing touches to the page.