Friday, July 17, 2009

Christmas in July!

I was so pleased with my progress in the department of pre-made birthday cards last week that I decided to take it a step further. I now have a few Christmas goodies made and ready to go! In my opinion, it's never to early to prepare for this holiday. It ALWAYS sneaks up on me. This is what I did...

  • Step One - don't throw away Crystal Light containers (actually, I never throw away any containers that have any kind of crafting potential!
  • Step Two - locate "Sugar and Spice" Recipe Scrapbooking Kit and Appetizing accents.
  • Step Three - use papers to wrap Crystal Light containers. It is a perfect fit horizontally - no trimming needed! You will only need to trim a few inches lengthwise.
  • Step Four - Use paper scraps to make folded tags and adorn with appetizing accents and stickers. I also used stickles for a little extra pizazz on the canister. Tie tags on to canisters with holiday ribbon.
  • Step Five - Filling. It's a bit early to fill the canisters with goodies. However, when the time comes, I plan to fill with chocolate dipped pretzel rods. The pretzel rods are just tall enough to stick out of the containers and look really cute. However - any cookies, candies, brownie mixes, etc. will be a great filling.


  1. Great idea! Maybe this will be the year I'm actually ready for the holiday season early.

  2. i just used some of the Fruit Clips! they are so cute. and i loved them so much i altered the mason jar packaging they came in!

  3. Brilliant! You've inspired me to see what else I can find around the house to recycle into something beautiful!

  4. Super cute idea....I will start collecting those containers!